The Environment + Climate Change

Climate change is real and the world's environment is changing faster than most of us anticipated. We can do something about, but it'll take new leadership and new ideas to ensure that the planet and environment that we live in is protected for the foreseeable future. 

The most important steps are to move towards renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power. Our use of fossil fuels and natural gas is important but we cannot be solely dependent on a resource that can do harm to the environment. 

Next, we're going to need the infrastructure. Building windmills, turbines, and solar panels will assist in charting a path towards a cleaner, eco-friendly energy world. Americans can benefit from this as well! Developing a plan to build out renewable energy sources can create jobs for years to come. American businesses will also benefit if they make proper investments and institute solid business practices that protect the environment. 

Washington D.C. doesn't always know what Garland, TX needs. Thus, allocating grant money for local governments to access on a project-by-project to ensure they are on the cutting edge of environmental innovation.