Both parties are trash. Politicians are suspect.

Both parties are trash. Politicians are suspect.



If you haven't realized yet, or are too blind to see it, political parties are trash. For the decade or so, each party has fought to keep the other party out of power, just to sit on their hands and do nothing. 

Both parties are smart asses, but don't make smart decisions for the American people. Every two to four years, we elect the same senior citizens who aren't really fighting for change, let alone providing any. 

They bicker like children on a playground, offer condolences and go home every couple of months and ignore their constituents. 

One of the world's most cherished institutions of government has an 11% approval rating. How? I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is that: it's time we start asking more of our representatives or we kick em out of office. 

Want to know why politicians don't show up to town-halls or answer your emails?: they are usually fundraising for their next race or asking donors to give money to their party. If that doesn't tell you that something wrong with the two-party system, then I don't know what will. 

For me, running as an independent makes the most sense. I don't have deal with the bullshit politics of either party, I can work on solutions that both parties have neglected over time and and I can be the third option that 42% of Americans want. 

Let's break up the party. 

I Will Not Ask for Your Permission.

What a time.

What a time.